As you might know, Michelle Obama now has her very own Spotify podcast and its first episode featured the former FLOTUS’ husband and former POTUS, Barack Obama! That being said, the couple had a lot to say about the current situation in the United States as well as about their personal family life.

One topic of discussion was their daughters, of course, and Barack expressed his wish that they would live their lives in a country that ‘respects everyone.’

Here he was referencing the whole Black Lives Matter movement and the protests against systemic racism in America.

The husband and wife also chatted about the beginnings of their relationship, the importance of having a community, as well as the future they envision for their two daughters, Sasha and Malia Obama.

While Michelle is hopeful that Gen Z will continue their amazing advocacy and be able to create a better future, she admitted that she is still very much worried.

After all, ever since Donald Trump has become the president, distrust of the government has risen a lot!

‘I worry when I hear, I think too many young people question whether voting or politics is worth it,’ she told her husband.

Barack responded that ‘it’s partly because they’ve been told, they’ve been sent the message every day that the government does not work. They take for granted all the things a working government has done in the past.’


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