Olivia Simmons, the older sister of the NBA pro, Ben Simmons, thinks the Kar-Jenner clan isn’t all they’re cracked to be. The basketball player’s sister took to her Twitter account to slam the Kardashian and Jenner family, arguing they don’t care at all about mental health issues as they pertain to black men.

Fans of the family know they’re almost always in the headlines on a regular basis. It appears as though they’ve figured out that all press is good press, even if it looks bad.

However, over the last few days, Kanye West has been stirring up headlines for his behavior, including social media posts as well as his South Carolina campaign rally in which he talked about abortion, his daughter North, and Harriet Tubman.

The rapper also told Kris Jenner to stop ignoring his calls. Either way, Ben Simmons’ sister, says the Kar-Jenner clan aren’t as virtuous as they try and proclaim themselves to be. His sister also says they’re part of the “white supremacy” problem.

In her tweets, Olivia referred to the family as “Kartrashians” and said they don’t care at all about black men, especially their mental health. Simmons says she saw it with her own eyes, and much of the public has seen the same thing as well.

Simmons went on to accuse the family of being bad for black men. As most know, the Kardashians have long been the target of what’s been called the “Kardashian Kurse,” which insinuates that any black man who gets involved with them suddenly sees a career decline.

According to Olivia, “these b*tches are WEIRD.” She also claims they are energy vampires who suck people dry of their vitality. Ben Simmons used to be in a relationship with the supermodel, Kendall Jenner, but their romance was short-lived.


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