Erica Mena shared a photo in which she’s flaunting her best asset and fans are in love with her amazing curves. People have been praising her due to the fact that she managed to so get back to her pre-pregnancy body in no time.

Check out her latest post that has fans in awe.

‘How you look when you stay home and refuse to be a Guinea pig to this virus 😩 @fashionnova FashionnovaPartner,’ Erica captioned her post.

A follower said: ‘I see what you be doing but you’re beautiful so okay🔥’ and one otheer fan posted this message: ‘@iamerica_mena fashion nova pays immigrants $4.00 an hr. Why do you keep promoting them.’

Someone else wrote: ‘I love this outfit @iamerica_mena yr a great inspiration work, mom, exercise so many more reasons,’ and a follower commented: ‘U look great @iamerica_mena congratulations on the baby and wedding love.’

One other commenter said: ‘Agree‼️ I always dress even tho I am a stay at home mom it’s important to look good and feel good,’ and someone else posted: ‘I was a guinea pig sis, stepped outside and got the virus asap! Lesson learned.’

A follower said: ‘Don’t play games and influence your followers about this virus…guess that’s why you had husband PPE’ed up when he went on a diaper run.’

Someone else posted: ‘Lawd Erica. Pose one next way now man! Yeah we get it. U av nuff batty. Geesh!’

An Instagrammer wrote: ‘@iamerica_mena that’s my girl yes Mena serve it up!! You look Amazing,’ and one other follower had this to say: “But you love forcing your kids to be guinea pigs for deadly viruses by not vaccinating them? Yea yall should stay at home. Keep my kids safe.’

In other news, Erica shared a new photo on her social media account that managed to impress fans. Erica is wearing a black lace corset that makes her curves stand out.


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