Eva Marcille shared a post that had some fans talking in the comments. It’s about the 4th of July vs. the Juneteenth celebration.

Some fans said that Eva is a racist following the post she shared, and people criticized her for attacking another woman as well.

Check out her post that triggered this debate below.

A fan asked: ‘But why hate on another woman…?’ and someone else said: ‘she doesn’t mind bringing down the black race so forget her and what she stands for. Sorry not sorry.’

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A post shared by Eva Marcille (@evamarcille) on Jul 3, 2020 at 3:11pm PDT

A commenter said: ‘Facts only!! On the left…That soulful, thick, tasty homemade Macaroni and cheese that makes “noise” when you stir it😂🔥🙌🏾… that bland, orange-colored, republican macaroni on the right.’

Someone else wrote: ‘No disrespect however I would have liked to see a brown skin sista on Juneteenth,’ and one other follower said: ‘So sad how much ignorance people follow just because someone is a celebrity.’

One other commenter posted this: ‘I’m going to post this on my page but swish the dishes and if anybody calls me racist just gonna forward them to this page!’

Someone else said: ‘The right side is actually the healthiest. Fine ain’t healthy and neither is all that cheese. Get smart people. All that glitters ain’t necessarily gold.’

Another Instagrammer posted: ‘Don’t ever expect your cries for racism to end to be taken seriously if this is what you find as quality humor. This IS racism and we will collectively have had enough as well.’

One other follower said: ‘If this is not racist, what is it then? You guys keep fanning this rubbish and you want it to end? Unbelievably stupid!’

A person had the following message: ‘This post is disappointing to me as a woman of color. Showing the differentiation between the two would have been fine, but to implicate racial and stereotypical binaries, in my opinion was not necessary. You are a person of influence and perpetuating these images further deepens wounds and implicit biases. We HAVE to DO BETTER! “Be the change you want to see”- Barack Obama (circa 2008)’


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