Even though the famous siblings are actually neighbors, it turns out that they haven’t been spending any time in quarantine together! This is what Hilary Duff’s sister Haylie revealed during a new interview. Haylie Duff made it very clear that she and Hilary have been closely following the rules when it comes to social distancing to the point that they do not even hang out with one another despite living so close to each other!

Instead, she told HollywoodLife during the interview that they simply wave at one another from a distance!

But then how has Haylie been passing the time during this lockdown?

According to her, she has been really focused on homeschooling her young ones but also inventing new recipes for the new season of her cooking show, Real Girl Kitchen.

Not only that but she also joined The Wing Showdown with Uber Eats and Off the Menu, coming up with her own recipe to mark National Wing Day.

That being said, during the interview, she discussed her wing dish while also dishing on her personal life amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

At some point, she told HollywoodLife that even though she and her actress sister, Hilary Duff, live next door to each other, they have been keeping their households separate the whole time in the name of social distancing.

‘We have different people that we see, so we have been trying to be very careful about not co-mingling, just for the sake of people that work in her home or people who work in my home. So, we see each other from afar and wave outside at the pool,’ the mother of two explained.


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