The NBA star’s wife took to her platform to celebrate him on Father’s Day. Savannah paid tribute to LeBron James with a super sweet message all about how loved and special he is.

As fans may know, the two share three lovely kids together and it sounds like LeBron is a great father!

Savannah posted a number of pics and alongside them in the caption, she wrote: ‘Happy Father’s Day my babe!! You are immensely loved and appreciated!!’

The post features a shot showing the man with the kids – 5 year old Zhuri, Bronny, 15 and Bryce, 12 – in a convertible car together.

The dad, who was smiling in the selfie, was the one who captured the moment on camera, and he looked obviously happy to be surrounded by his young ones.

The next couple of pictures were of LeBron and the two sons at the beach as well as him hugging them just after a basketball game.

One of the photos was of the youngest, Zhuri giving the dad a haircut in the backyard and another featured the dad holding her in his arms and kissing her cheek sweetly, so it’s safe to say that he gives an equal amount of love to all his children.

In the comment section, fans celebrated LeBron as well, besides raving about the cute pics.

For instance, one fan revealed that ‘I just asked my husband what was your best Father’s Day ever—‘when the cavs won!’ Thanks Lebron for making dads everywhere happy on that day.’

It must feel really good to know that you have that kind of impact on someone!


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