Martha Stewart took to social media to share a sultry pool picture of her and it is safe to say that it pretty much broke the internet for various reasons! As you might be aware, the lifestyle guru’s selfie grabbed a lot of attention, getting praise but also being turned into a meme by some!

However, Martha Stewart went on to reveal that after she posted that snap on her account last week, she got no less than 14 proposals only on that first day so it sounds like the thirst trap was as successful as it can be!

The TV personality posed in the pool with only a little natural makeup on, her lips puckered up for the camera while enjoying a swim at her house in East Hampton.

Martha’s pic got her special attention from men in particular, the celeb telling E!’s Morgan Stewart during a new interview that ‘I’ve had 14 proposals, I don’t know what for, but they’re proposals. I haven’t checked lately, that was the first day.’

The woman went on to reveal that while she obviously took some time for herself to relax when capturing that moment, she has been really busy during this quarantine.

‘I wish I had time to craft. I have one major craft project…and I have not been able to finish it because we’ve been doing a brand-new show for HGTV. We just finished 6 episodes of Martha Knows Best,’ Martha dished.

She then teased that the show is ‘very informative,’ ‘very cute,’ and also ‘very funny,’ which is not surprising in the slightest when taking into consideration the woman’s past projects.

At some point during the interview, Martha taught the reporter how to make a sangria.


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